New City, New Friend

We left Thessaloniki, our home for the past three weeks, and embarked on a quest – through space and time – to Athens.

In other words: after a day-long bus ride, we finally arrived in Athens yesterday. It’s strange to be in terra incognita again after becoming sort of familiar with Thessaloniki, but it’s kind of nice to have a change in environment. Athens is big and bustling, so there’s a lot to take in. It already feels so different from Thessaloniki, which is to say it feels like a real city. I’m not sure if I like it yet. It’s way too early to say. But for now I’m just enjoying the chance to explore this new place.

We explored a bit today and I managed to make a new friend.

Despite my lack of skill, I picked up a brand new guitar from a flea market in Athens. The owners of the shop were super nice and talented; they actually make traditional Greek instruments like the bouzouki in the basement of their shop.

I had been hankering for some music in my life, so I decided to buy one of their (cheapest) acoustic guitars. I’m not a fan of the pure white color and the tone is a little bit lackluster (it’s not a Paleodimopoulos guitar after all), but it does the job. I also haven’t thought of a name for her yet. It’s too early. I need to get to know her first. On the bright side, the color makes it very tempting for me to write random, angsty slogans on the guitar’s body. If any of you have something you want to write on her body just swing by 305 with a permanent marker and we can add it. Maybe by the end of the trip this guitar will be more like a collage of all our absurd, late night thoughts.

And if you hear something in the Titania Hotel that sounds like a cat being strangled that’s probably me fumbling my way around the guitar. Apologies in advance!


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